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Ladies, This is your Brain on PMS!

As we know our brains and emotions are intimately linked in a dance facilitated by hormones, neurotransmitters, and a myriad other stimuli.  So it stands to reason that if women experience a radical hormonal flux each month, that their brains…


Conscious Delusions

Do you think you're in control of your life?  Well, you are, but not in the way you might have suspected.  Dr. Bruce Lipton notes in The Biology of Belief that "the greatest problem we face is that we think…


Navigating the Inner Realms

We spend lots of time learning how to navigate people, things, situations, environments and any other external influence we can think of.  But it is the inner navigation, called interoception, that can be pivotal in our ability to heal and…


Brushing Your Teeth to Keep Your Brain Healthy?

Neuroplasticity is our ability to rewire new brain connections, learn new things, and create new neurons.  All of this magic keeps us cognitively young, sharp and engaged in life.  A key part of this process is long term potentiation (LTP).…


Thoughts Shaping Your World

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our mind to rewire itself. It can manifest as a changing of the strength of the connection between neurons, by adding or removing connections, or by adding new cells. An amazing catalyst for all of…


Anti-depressants vs. Meditation

IF you are on antidepressants...PLEASE understand this post is not meant as a critique of your healing process. Based on many studies, including one published in JAMA in 2010 by Fournier, antidepressants were no more effective in changing serotonin levels…


Thoughts influence Matter

Dr. David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. note in Power Up Your Brain that Neural networks are created by focused, engaged stimulation. . .the choices you make actually do influence the physical structures, the neural networks, in your brain. 'Experience…


Rewire Your Body’s Hard Drive

Science knows now that we can rewire the brain and grow new neuronal maps. Neural maps are the active circuits through which all thought-forms flow.  They are the pathways of mental engagement and creation.  They've found that this happens through…


Developing Intuition Can Make You Smarter

What does intuition have to do with intelligence? Being in touch with your emotions and the emotions of others not only makes you seem smarter, it actually improves your memory.  This is because it uses the prefrontal cortex.  Unless you…

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