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I resent your tone of voice!

Although there can be too much generalization out there about being either right-brained or emotional beings, or left-brained logical beings, one thing seems clear to neuroscience: we default to prosody, or tone of voice, over the semantic meaning of words…


Cynicism May be Leading You to Dementia

Do you suspect others have ulterior motives more often than not? Do you feel that others only assist you because they'll want something in return? If you tend to look at the world through this lens you may be more…


What are You Feeding Your Neurons?

I'll bet you're thinking that your neurons, aka brain cells, are in your brain.  That would make sense, but that's only partly true.  We have many different types of neurons and they are located in the brain, spinal cord and…


It Takes a Village — a Community of Neurons

To be our animated best selves requires us to be in a graceful electro-chemical choreography. All of our actions, thoughts, desires, emotions and behaviors are physiologically the result of networked neural activity in the brain.  One neuron's "voice" alone does not…


Hum Into Health

It’s no surprise that recent psychological studies and neuroscience research have shown that humming a happy tune can impact our health and well-being. Take 30-60 seconds right now to hum your favorite tune or simply hum any sound that naturally…


Dropping In? Or Dropping Out?

My journey to Neurosculpting® has been long, winding, contained many detours and more dead-ends than I care to remember. I started my working life as a filmmaker and video producer, (and somehow wound up as a software developer) but had…


What does it mean to be the Warrior?

Where in your life are YOU the Warrior? Many of us feel like Warriors in our own way.  For some of the amazing people I work with it's because they have been Warriors in the literal battlefield or out on…


A Path to Empowerment

  • December 6, 2013
  • blog

There are many paths to personal empowerment. Some are spiritual, others mental or emotional; yet it's the rare path that enfolds all aspects of our lives into the process.  What if you could invite and engage your analytical self, or…


When Breathing in Love is Not Enough

  • November 27, 2013
  • blog

Are you tired of pretending to be calm and compassionate when inside you really feel like kicking and screaming? In my life-long meditation training I was often told to "breathe in love".  I so desperately wanted to do this, but…


How Fear Hijacks the Mind

So many of us know what it feels like to be in the grip of fear, whether its financial, emotional, professional, or personal.  You know intimately what your stomach feels like each time you have a bill you can't pay.…

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