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Oxytocin – The Dark Side of the Love Molecule

With the recent popularity of neuroscience for public consumption the neurotransmitter Oxytocin has gained the nick-name "The Love Molecule". Who wouldn't want more love, right? This neurotransmitter is know to be the bonding chemical released during sex, a mother and…

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How Fear Hijacks the Mind

So many of us know what it feels like to be in the grip of fear, whether its financial, emotional, professional, or personal.  You know intimately what your stomach feels like each time you have a bill you can't pay.…

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Rewiring Fear While We Sleep

Fear is a relationship we create with events in our lives.  The events are simply moments in time but the fear we cultivate drags those moments from the past into our current lives, causing a cascade of hormonal, emotional, and…

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It’s Written All Over Your Face!

In 2001 neurologist Patrik Vuilleumeir found that a person's amygdala responds in threat mode to the appearance of fearful expressions of others EVEN IF that person is paying attention to something else.  The amygdalae's job is to signal our stress…

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A Fear-Orientation is Killing You!

In our modern world of green-house fears, war atrocities, environmental pillaging, and global threats the social media is rife with stories of conspiracy, fear, and apocalyptic preparedness. What is this focus doing to us? While it's not advisable to put…

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How Close is that Looming Spider…Really?

The things we fear tend to appear larger, closer, and perhaps more ready to pounce than they really are.  A recent study published in Current Biology notes that in controlled studies individuals rated fearful images as closer than they actually…

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Getting Rid of Unwanted Memories

There is likely an ethical debate that could ensue around the art of removing or rewriting unwanted memories.  Perhaps words like denial or delusion come to mind.  But let's pretend for a moment that neither of these things is an…

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