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Heart vs. Head

Experiences create the "repeated neural firing that can lead to gene expression, protein production, and changes in the regulation and structural connections in the brain." (Dr. Daniel Siegel, 2010)   BUT the brain is not just housed in the skull.…

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Life out of Control

How we focus our attention determines the neural maps we reinforce in our brains.  It is the basis of neuroplasticity--our inherent gift of transformation.  Daniel Siegel notes in Mindsight "Some days we lean towards chaos--life feels unpredictable and out of…

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To Know Another is to Know Thyself

Dr. Daniel Siegel, author of Mindsight, notes that "our awareness of another person's state of mind depends on how well we know our own." (62).  From studying mirror neurons and the insula we now know that we map others' experiences…

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