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Steve Tanner

Certified Neurosculpting® FacilitatorLegacy Friends
Work Phone: 208.991.9106Website: Legacy Friends LLC
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Steve lives near Boise, Idaho and works as a business analyst. He holds a BA in Philosophy, an MDiv degree and worked at the graduate level in philosophy.

In 2014 Steve suffered a heart attack. This was his wake up call. Since then his passion is to understand how we can reduce stress and the effects of life’s traumas. He believes that Neurosculpting® meditation is a powerful tool to these ends. Steve is fascinated by the way Neurosculpting® leverages neuroscience in meditation practice while placing focus on the integration between our minds and our bodies. Consequently Steve is currently enrolled to become a TRE® provider and hopes to be able to offer TRE® by the summer of 2019.

Steve offers core Neurosculpting® workshops about every 4-6 weeks. He is an avid writer and believes in the power of the writing to increase the volume of our internal voice as well as clarify beliefs and goals.

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