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Shari Ciolli

Cell Phone: 303.717.9236Website: AllConnected
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Shari has a passion of serving and advocating for others and helping to create awareness and intentional living. She believes in a holistic approach to well-being and honoring a balance of mind, body and spirit. It’s all connected…our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. By following her interest in emerging brain science, neuroplasticity and epigenetics, fascinated that our brains are plastic and our DNA evolves and changes, Shari came upon Lisa’s first book, New Beliefs New Brain, and knew she was on to something which can truly better the lives of herself and others, helping us to live with intention. She attended her first Neurosculpting® class in 2012 and has experienced first-hand the power of Neurosculpting® to overcome health issues and rewire her brain from her own limiting thoughts and beliefs. As a single parent, with a huge load of responsibilities, Shari has utilized Neurosculpting® practices to manage the stressors and embody what it means to care for the Self. Neurosculpting® is simple yet profound, and an effective way to amplify our personal growth. It merges meditation, brain science and nutrition, and one without the other is not enough. Believing in self-determination and free will, Neurosculpting® offers these elements and applies whether our intentions are to bring more grace and ease into our lives, heal deep traumas, clear dis-ease, adjust our conditioned thought and behavioral patterns, manage our stressors in this chaotic world or create whatever success means to us.

With a BSW and background as a trained social worker and social change advocate, Shari gained much knowledge and insight about human nature and behaviors working with families as a Caseworker III/Family Specialist and Kinship/Adoption Evaluator with Jefferson County. She provided individual therapy and case management to parents working toward reunification with their children or preparing for termination or parental rights, studied kin homes and prepared families for adoption and other permanent placement of children. As a trained Mediator, she also facilitated therapeutic family group mediations. As the Senior Counselor at a coed therapeutic youth shelter, helping adjudicated and runaway teens, she led therapeutic groups and taught independent living skills. Shari has worked closely with both adults and teens, many who have experienced great traumas, enormous stressors, mental health challenges, loss of important family relationships, ADD/ADHD, depression, autoimmune dis-eases and more. Inspired by so much within our ‘system’ not serving individuals and families, Shari set out to learn what does work and what can help people truly heal themselves and have more input into their own lives.

In addition to a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, Shari is a Reiki Master Teacher and incorporates energy medicines such as Reiki and EFT into her own life and her work with others. Shari has studied herbal medicine, and preparing herbal remedies is a true passion for her. She has followed closely the development of our food system in the past 20 years and has become a consumer educator and advocate. Every aspect of our lives involves the health of our brains, and clean food is medicine. The conscious and subconscious choices we make daily from what food we bring into our homes and bodies, which products we opt to layer on our bodies and dispense in our environment, the thoughts and conditioning that run through our minds – these all really do matter and change who we are. There is so much misinformation about nutrition, food and products in our culture, and most people are making the best choices known to them. Educating consumers has become another passion, as Shari seeks to equip individuals and families with information, as information leads to awareness and choice.

Shari offers Neurosculpting® group meditation classes, as well as a private meditation, wellness and consulting practice, along with awesome herbal remedies. Contact Shari at, and soon on the web at

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