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Lisa Artz

Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator
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Lisa Artz is a new teacher with the Neurosculpting® Institute but is not new to teaching. She has been teaching business classes for Regis University since 2012. Lisa is a Colorado native and has studied yoga and meditation for over 10 years and is now combining her professional and personal experiences in a unique way using Neurosculpting®. Lisa came to her first Neurosculpting® class with Lisa Wimberger in 2014 and has been using her mind to sculpt her brain ever since. Neurosculpting® has helped Lisa overcome physical and health issues, to re-wire various unproductive habits and limiting beliefs and to discover a more integrated path in both her professional and personal life. Always a seeker, Lisa has been pursuing knowledge of human condition and self-discovery, especially after having seen such dramatic results herself. She is in constant awe of unlimited human potential and is extremely motivated to share powerful Neurosculpting® tools that she uses on a daily basis herself. Lisa teaches core Neurosculpting® classes and is available for private consultations.

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