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Freyja May

Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Cell Phone: 970-658-9907
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Freyja was introduced to Neurosculpting® in 2011 while completing an internship as a social work student. The tools that she learned in private sessions, classes, and workshops helped her navigate the fear and stress of completing two degrees in four years as a single parent as well as the challenging job market that she graduated into. Her preconceived image of The Model Meditator sitting still in mind and body while smiling serenely made it difficult at first to imagine Neurosculpting® could even be possible for her busy brain and twitchy body, let alone that it would make any difference. Fortunately, the five step process of Neurosculpting® provides a container for the storytelling, and twitching is allowed!

Freyja became a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator in 2015. She uses Neurosculpting® tools every day in her own practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as well as teaching them to others. She has worked clinically with clients who experience mental health and substance use disorders as well as in crisis and medical settings. Based in Fort Collins, CO, Freyja offers private Neurosculpting® sessions, as well as classes and presentations.

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