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Oxytocin…it isn’t all good!

In Dr. Stephen Porges' profound book The Polyvagal Theory, he notes the "neuroendocrine and autonomic systems that permit high levels of social behavior and social bonds regulate the management of stressful experiences and the capacity of the mammalian body to heal…


Can Multi-tasking Impair You?

This is a controversial subject with some science noting that multi-tasking improves cognitive abilities, and other science saying it impairs it.  Mindfulness practices note that by paying focused attention and being in the present moment, we can be at peace…


Where the Gray Matters

Recent neuroscience is showing that the more we move into fear and threat response, the more we exercise and strengthen the neural pathways around the limbic brain which is our fight -or-flight center.  We also end up shrinking or pruning…


Turning Back Your Own Clock

BDNF--Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor--is a key growth hormone. It protects the structure and integrity of our neurons, enables our neuroplasticity--that's our ability to create new neural maps, and promotes neurogenesis--our ability to grow new brain cells. By creating new pathways…


Us and Them

"As the world has sped up and become more efficient, we have the luxury of time in which to think, reflect, ponder, stew, and even fester.  how I define me derives from a story I constantly tell myself, and the…


Life out of Control

How we focus our attention determines the neural maps we reinforce in our brains.  It is the basis of neuroplasticity--our inherent gift of transformation.  Daniel Siegel notes in Mindsight "Some days we lean towards chaos--life feels unpredictable and out of…


Cultivating Compassion

"At Standford University, the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, under the direction of Neurosurgeon Dr. James Doty is doing studies and conducting courses that show that compassion and altruism can be cultivated through disciplines and practices that…


Are You Cross-Wired?

It's proven we can wire neutral events to fearful responses. Ex: a dog barks each time you get a bit of bad news. Soon, you cringe at the dog bark, even if no bad news follows. The auditory cortex delivers…


How Environment Influences DNA

DNA, contrary to the last 50 years of belief, is NOT the director of our gene expression--it's the code. DNA MUST be activated by proteins in order to manifest any gene expression. The cell's effector/receptor proteins are the conductors and…


Memory as Fiction

Different aspects of memory are stored in different areas of the brain simultaneously. Memory retrieval is not like looking at a snapshot--it's always a reconstruction and coming together of pieces and parts. So when we think we remember exactly what…

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